Advocare & Avon Multi-Level Marketing As A Source Of Income


Ever thought of selling products for companies based on a percentage of what you sell? Or maybe work for a company which pays you on a commission of what you sold? Then welcome to the world of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Multi-Level Marketing is the independent financial source for anyone who has the ability and skills to attract consumers. Persons with a number of social affiliates gross this field indefinitely. Outspoken, driven, and bold individuals are what seeks Multi-Level Marketing as a source of a profitable and considerably income

Multi refers to the many . In this business, to guarantee success, you must have the special criteria, Which includes affiliates and potential consumers, whether friends, family, stranger, anyone , as long as they have the interest in whatever your marketing. And oh the cash, as it will determine your fate. Maybe fairs bit better if you are in a great company like AdvoCare.

So do you fit this field? Well anyone fits this field from a young child to an old person, as long as you have the personality associated with this business. The advantage Multi-Level Marketing brings is that it doesn’t require qualifications, age differences, nor experience. What matters is that you go out there and persuade consumers of your product. That’s it, pretty simple.

Multi-Level Marketing is not a one way thing. I have experience with AdvoCare and Avon. Both Great companies. It’s a business that allows you to connect on different entities, through different partnership, products, companies, and consumers. It promotes you to a higher level and helps you brand yourself. You could possible start your own business due to the amount of experience you gain. It provides a peace of mind for you, after all your self employed and the companies who hire you depends on your work skills and ability. If you don’t grow they won’t grow. That’s how important you are . You are the backbone of their business.

Marketing can be tricky and complicated, but if you’re dedicated and true to yourself it will open doors for you. There are endless opportunities that awaits you in the marketing industry. In the times we live in now, you have to promote and brand yourself , be independent, help to discover who you are, what you want in the future interns of career wise. Multi-Level Marketing can help to a great extent, but it’s you, the individual who has to have the right mindset, the skills and the eccentric personality to be successful in this industry. You have what the companies need, not the other way around. Your views and matters count, you’re the one who takes the time to promote their products and services. Multi-Level Marketing is a job, and you are the boss. It’s time to set your own rules and become the employer you are and one day become an elite advocare distributor.

My Experience with Multi-Level Marketing


I’ve worked several jobs in my lifetime in pursue of that American dream, but none of them showed much promise for making a career for myself. I’ve worked retail, and it has always led to a dead-end, and I’ve done back breaking labor, which has proven to be just as much of a dead end, but much more exhausting. I felt that I was hopeless, drowning in student loan debt with a degree in Applied Sciences that didn’t seem to help find a career at all. In fact, many employers turned me down because of it, saying that I was “overqualified”, while jobs in my field claimed I lacked experience for the position I had applied for. That sounds pretty depressing, no? Well, fear not! I have found a great new way to make fantastic profits and move up faster than I ever thought possible with a little thing called Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM for short I first found out about it with my experience with AdvoCare…

Basically what happens is a company will have a product they are focused in marketing, so by giving others the incentive of compensation for selling the product themselves, and if you recruit others to sell the product as well, the company marketing the product will compensate you based on their sales on top of your own! Doesn’t that sound fantastic? It takes a keen sense of business ethics and a knack for sales, but if you have that down, you’re golden.

I have been working in Multi-Level Marketing for six years now, and I’ve never looked back. All those years slaving under a callous, and typically underqualified supervisor are so far behind me now. With MLM, you are your own boss, and you are in charge of your own progress and advancement. Imagine that! You have the power to move up as you make sales, and recruit others to make sales.

When I first heard of Multi-Level Marketing, I admit, I was a little skeptical to say the least, but once I started making connections, networking and talking to people in the business, nothing could change my mind. “This is it, this is the career I’ve been waiting for my whole life” I thought to myself, and I got started by making a blog about the product and using my networking skills to show it to the world. Now I’m seeing life in a whole new light as that mythical “American Dream” life that seemed so far-fetched in my early years, working dead end jobs that barely put food in my belly, was now a solid and stable reality. I have a comfortable home in a wonderful suburb full of friendly neighbors, a beautiful dog park for my two golden retrievers to roam around in and socialize… Multi-Level Marketing really turned things around for me, and I want to share my secret to success with you today.

It’s been drilled into us our whole lives that if we aren’t happy with our financial situation that we are just being lazy, but the truth is, the people who told you that were only angry that they never found out about good ol’ MLM.

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Vision, Inspiration & American Dream

I originally came to usa, not for MLM opportunity but for life opportunity itself. And first place I landed was in Florida and from there my journey towards the American dream began.

So in the last post I gave a brief introduction on my latest venture of going to Florida and it really opened my eyes to the beautiful country of America. I will forever remember groups of friends that I met and sharing my dreams and goals with them as they shared their dreams and vision.

I love this country now because everyone has a dream, they want to do more out of life. They want to go get more things in life and make things happen. Its what I am into and I want to be around people that are going after their dreams and working hard. when we are with these types of people I feel that I think different and I’m more inspired to take actions and doing everything in my power each day to inch myself closer to my dreams and visions.

I may not always be the most productive person everyday but I try to be the best person I can be each and everyday and get myself to the highest level possible both financially spiritually and emotionally. There is a whole group of people out there that waits for things to happen in life and then there’s some people out there that’s taking massive action towards their goals and dreams. I am one of the rare people in life that goes after what I want and takes what I want because I am on a path towards success.

Success is my duty my obligation and my job to fulfill my potential as a human being. When I came from Britain I was not driven towards success as I am now. But after getting influenced by my homestay family and friends and now the new group of friends I met in Florida I feel invigorated and energized to go after my dreams and visions harder than I ever have before and that gives me true passion in life to do what others are unwilling to do today so that I can be successful tomorrow.

Because one day I have dreams of being able to live in a house like above and not just one but all over the world.

For me I am about doing what’s ethical and right for my family and friends and in order to be of service I first have to be wealthy and be the best person I can be so that I can better serve others in the future. The vision of the person I want to become is so bright and so magnificent that it is blinding. I will get there one way or another and it will be epic on every level. I am always looking out for the best for myself and family in Britain but sometimes its good to just get out of your own way of worrying of society norms and just go after what I truly believe in.

I work hard and it feels good. The trip to Florida really instilled and inspired in my great commitment towards success. From now on I will approach success like my life depend on it. I will go out there and make big things happen and shake the world.

So people comment that I have the American mindset and maybe someday I won’t be saying “you know you became American when…”

I am really truly enjoying my stay in America and starting to really like this blogging thing as well. Sort of like my anonymous diary to the world….