My Experience with Multi-Level Marketing


I’ve worked several jobs in my lifetime in pursue of that American dream, but none of them showed much promise for making a career for myself. I’ve worked retail, and it has always led to a dead-end, and I’ve done back breaking labor, which has proven to be just as much of a dead end, but much more exhausting. I felt that I was hopeless, drowning in student loan debt with a degree in Applied Sciences that didn’t seem to help find a career at all. In fact, many employers turned me down because of it, saying that I was “overqualified”, while jobs in my field claimed I lacked experience for the position I had applied for. That sounds pretty depressing, no? Well, fear not! I have found a great new way to make fantastic profits and move up faster than I ever thought possible with a little thing called Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM for short I first found out about it with my experience with AdvoCare…

Basically what happens is a company will have a product they are focused in marketing, so by giving others the incentive of compensation for selling the product themselves, and if you recruit others to sell the product as well, the company marketing the product will compensate you based on their sales on top of your own! Doesn’t that sound fantastic? It takes a keen sense of business ethics and a knack for sales, but if you have that down, you’re golden.

I have been working in Multi-Level Marketing for six years now, and I’ve never looked back. All those years slaving under a callous, and typically underqualified supervisor are so far behind me now. With MLM, you are your own boss, and you are in charge of your own progress and advancement. Imagine that! You have the power to move up as you make sales, and recruit others to make sales.

When I first heard of Multi-Level Marketing, I admit, I was a little skeptical to say the least, but once I started making connections, networking and talking to people in the business, nothing could change my mind. “This is it, this is the career I’ve been waiting for my whole life” I thought to myself, and I got started by making a blog about the product and using my networking skills to show it to the world. Now I’m seeing life in a whole new light as that mythical “American Dream” life that seemed so far-fetched in my early years, working dead end jobs that barely put food in my belly, was now a solid and stable reality. I have a comfortable home in a wonderful suburb full of friendly neighbors, a beautiful dog park for my two golden retrievers to roam around in and socialize… Multi-Level Marketing really turned things around for me, and I want to share my secret to success with you today.

It’s been drilled into us our whole lives that if we aren’t happy with our financial situation that we are just being lazy, but the truth is, the people who told you that were only angry that they never found out about good ol’ MLM.

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