Vision, Inspiration & American Dream

I originally came to usa, not for MLM opportunity but for life opportunity itself. And first place I landed was in Florida and from there my journey towards the American dream began.

So in the last post I gave a brief introduction on my latest venture of going to Florida and it really opened my eyes to the beautiful country of America. I will forever remember groups of friends that I met and sharing my dreams and goals with them as they shared their dreams and vision.

I love this country now because everyone has a dream, they want to do more out of life. They want to go get more things in life and make things happen. Its what I am into and I want to be around people that are going after their dreams and working hard. when we are with these types of people I feel that I think different and I’m more inspired to take actions and doing everything in my power each day to inch myself closer to my dreams and visions.

I may not always be the most productive person everyday but I try to be the best person I can be each and everyday and get myself to the highest level possible both financially spiritually and emotionally. There is a whole group of people out there that waits for things to happen in life and then there’s some people out there that’s taking massive action towards their goals and dreams. I am one of the rare people in life that goes after what I want and takes what I want because I am on a path towards success.

Success is my duty my obligation and my job to fulfill my potential as a human being. When I came from Britain I was not driven towards success as I am now. But after getting influenced by my homestay family and friends and now the new group of friends I met in Florida I feel invigorated and energized to go after my dreams and visions harder than I ever have before and that gives me true passion in life to do what others are unwilling to do today so that I can be successful tomorrow.

Because one day I have dreams of being able to live in a house like above and not just one but all over the world.

For me I am about doing what’s ethical and right for my family and friends and in order to be of service I first have to be wealthy and be the best person I can be so that I can better serve others in the future. The vision of the person I want to become is so bright and so magnificent that it is blinding. I will get there one way or another and it will be epic on every level. I am always looking out for the best for myself and family in Britain but sometimes its good to just get out of your own way of worrying of society norms and just go after what I truly believe in.

I work hard and it feels good. The trip to Florida really instilled and inspired in my great commitment towards success. From now on I will approach success like my life depend on it. I will go out there and make big things happen and shake the world.

So people comment that I have the American mindset and maybe someday I won’t be saying “you know you became American when…”

I am really truly enjoying my stay in America and starting to really like this blogging thing as well. Sort of like my anonymous diary to the world….